Pasangan Blogger India Ini Ditemui M4ut Gara-Gara Selfie!

Siapa sangka ini merupakan penggembaraan terakhir bagi pasangan blogger mengelilingi dunia bertukar tragedi ketika sedang selfie. Destinasi terakhir mereka dilaporkan berada di Taman Nasional Yosemite, AS  di tepi cenuram tidak berpagar. Lokasi itu menjadi lokasi popular untuk berswafoto dalam kalangan pengunjung ke Taft Point.

Pasangan India terj4tuh dari Taft Point

Menurut laporan, seorang anggota renjer hutan di Taman Nasional Yosemite telah menemui may4t pasangan dari India itu, Vishnu Viswanath dan Meenakshi Moorthy. Dipercayai pasangan itu terj4tuh dari ketinggian 245 meter di bawah Taft Point.

Menurut abang kepada Vishnu,  adiknya itu telah memasang tripod berhampiran kawasan tebing yang curam dekat pergunungan Sierra Nevada, California sebelum mereka j4tuh dan m4ut.

Ditemui oleh pengunjung

Sementara itu, pengunjung menjumpai sebuah kamera dan pengunjung tersebut memaklumkan kepada renjer hutan mengenai penemuan tersebut. Pasukan renjer hutan menjumpai pasangan may4t itu kira-kira 800 meter dibawah Taft Point. Jurucakap Yosemite, Jamie Richards berkata dia tidak tahu bagaimana renjer tersebut menjumpai may4t pasangan itu tetapi operasi mencari dan menyelamat mendapatkan mangs4 adalah amat mencabar.

Antara status dan foto terakhir


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CHASING SUNSETS or CHASING LIKES ??? 😛 … Sooo today on #socialmediabadasstribe we are talking about limits of #doitforthegram.😶Yeah sure it can be limitless but guys, we reaaaallly need to have boundaries(this is handy as life lessons too but we will revisit that later😉) A lot of us including yours truly is a fan of daredevilry attempts of standing at the edge of cliffs ⛰and skyscrapers🌆, but did you know that wind gusts can be FATAL??? ☠️ Is our life just worth one photo? … When we squirm at another selfie attempt gone south 😱 from a skyscraper, let’s remember to save that in our core memory 🧠 and not the memory dump 🛢(I am still on the Inside Out 🎬 train y’all 😬) Same applies when we get our knickers in a twist and hog a spot till we get the perfect shot🙄 I know I know, I am guilty as charged for all of this 🤦‍♀️ and if I didn’t have Mr. Two Goody Shoes, Vishnu 🤭 with me, I am not even sure if I would have written this post. … Let us all try to be responsible digital citizens and use our “numbers” to be transparent and honest, shall we?🤗 None of us is perfect and the more we accept it and share our flaws as much as our wins, we are one step closer to creating a sane social media without the scary brouhahas.💕✨ … Still there?👀 Woohoo, a backflip is in order, or wait maybe a pizza? 🍕 What about a unicorn ice-cream 🦄 🍦 with some Disney-approved cotton candy 🍭🍬 and pixie dust infused sprinkles 🧚‍♀️ if…..IF you could tell me the one time you were effin’ proud of being candid and real AF in social media? 😎 … PS – Not sponsored but sweatshirt is from @radearthsupply • • • #grandcanyonnps #northrim #instagramaz #visitarizona #travelarizona #shotzdelight #discovertheroad #usaroadtrip #visittheusa #outdoorsusa #exploretheusa #womenwhoexplore #iamtb #radparks #thediscoverer #gtgi #sheisnotlost #wearetravelgirls #hikemore #radgirlslife #travelreality #dreamscape @womenwhoexplore @visit_arizona @visittheusa @shotzdelight

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Sajnaaa Kya Ye Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai 🎶 💏💕 🎼 … Vishnu and I grew up watching a LOT of Bollywood and @iamsrk and @kajol is one of our daaarling on-screen pairs everrrr.😍When we planned White Sands NPS, I knew I had to get an SRK-Kajol inspired Bollywood Dance pose in a Designer Saree 😉 and here you go. But can you tell I am burning with a 105-degree flu 🤒and was actually balling my eyes out 😢 just a few minutes back as I lost something forever with a ginormous sentimental value? #realitycheck … Anyhoo, a faaav dialogue of ours, by the King of Bollywood @iamsrk never fails to give us goosebumps even for the bajillionth time when we hear those words of wisdom.✨The lines read 💎 “Kehte hain ki…..Filmon ki tarah hamari zindagi mein bhi End mein, sab theek ho jaata hai..Happyssss Endingssss..Aur agar theek naa ho, toh woh The End nahi hai dostoo, Picture abhi baaki hai…..” #OmShantiOm 🎬 … It roughly translates as, “It is said that just like our films, our lives too have a happy ending. Happysss Endingsss. But if it is not happy for you, it is not the end yet my friends, it is not the end. The movie has not ended as yet.…”✨ Or in my definition, there is more to YOUR movie, mate. YOU get to define when is your Happyyysss Endingssss. 💕 YOU always have a choice.🤘YOU can rebuild.💪YOU should never give up cos it is not yet over my friend, not yet when you are still ABOVE the ground 🤗 #pinkpositivelight … Now is it any surprise that this man @iamsrk’s movies inspire millions all over the world including yours truly?🤩A lot of you have asked me how I manage to stay bubbly and bouncy 🤪 I owe it to my choice of Books📚🖋 /Bollywood Music/Films 💃🕺👯‍♀️ aaaaand Disney 🧚‍♀️ 💗. I would love to know if there are any regional movies/songs which has influenced your persona? 🧐💗 • • • #newmexicotrue #nmoutside #nmco #travelNM #PureSW #FindYourPark #instagramersnm #onlyinnewmexico #WhiteSandsNPS #visitnewmexico #travelustcouples #belovedstories #loveandwildhearts #dreamscape #getoutandphoto #passionpassport #teamkaptainkenny #livetravelchannel #exploreaholic #createexplore #traveladdicts #wanderandwish #traveldreamseekers #OnGoogleMaps #itsamazingoutthere

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